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Domestic violence is also known as domestic abuse or spousal abuse, and it occurs between two people who are married, dating, or in a romantic relationship. It is a violation of the Penal Code Section 243(e) (1) or 273.5. Even if your partner does not press formal charges, the District Attorney's office can still prosecute the case. You need an Orange County criminal defense lawyer for excellent representation and to help you handle the charge.
Volatile cases like domestic abuse must be handled carefully. In a situation where you are being charged of domestic abuse, the prosecution can proceed without your partner ever making an appearance in court. Many defendants have been convicted, even without a witness. You can be found guilty when a police officer testifies, for example.
The District Attorney's office does not take domestic abuse cases lightly. Your case could be charged either as a misdemeanor or a felony. You could be sent to state prison for three years if it is a felony with serious injuries. Otherwise, you may be asked to fulfill a 52-week treatment program. An Orange County criminal defense lawyer can help modify charges. For example, instead of imprisonment, you could simply an attend anger management program with 10 weeks of counseling in lieu of a 52-week class. 
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